Walking- A metabolism booster. 

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Are you one of those who seriously wants  to be in a good shape but completely unwilling to excercise on a daily basis. Regularly skipping fitness task Or you are going off the track from your excercise regimen. Every person has a must requirement for excercise to live a healthy long life. Even if you don’t’t gym regularly. No issues. If you don’t maintain a hard fitness routine that’s fine. Start with simple and easy steps. Got a clue! Yes, I am talking about ‘Walking’ . It’s very important to boost our metabolism to energise our bodies. We are able to execute whole day activities smoothly because of our fast metabolism run through the whole body.  ‘Walking’ regularly regulates body functions even more active which also helps to improve heart health. But sometimes people ignore such health related risks that can grow bigger in later period of life if you don’t start living an active life. As we all know there are three phases of lives that people live-

1- Sedentary lifestyle

2-Moderatr Lifestyle

3- Active Lifestyle

Which one of these will you choose. Active lifestyle or a Sedentary lifestyle. There is a way in between. If you immediately can’t start an active life. No worries. Try it from moderate lifestyle. Eventually you will make a plot for a healthy lifestyle.

Sounds good!

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Remedies for modern life .

IMG_20180608_110406_406We may be living in a modern era but still we need to reconsider the fact that we are just mere living.

Let’s go a little back to the time where the people used to live a very pure and organic lifestyle. We don’t see the energy and stamina in today’s tech-obsessed and party-obsessed generation. And this may be a warning sign for degradation of health as you have to live in your body forever. It can’t be taken as easily as some might think.

Be sure to make your health one of the top of your priorities.


Yoga could bring a sea change in life once you start practicing it regularly at home or in a clean greenery environment. Yoga not only helps you to be in shape but also rejuvenates inner organs, eradicate chronic diseases, improves heart health, keeps mind and body peaceful and enhances longevity.

Health is not something to be compromised of.


Unicorn for the body -Fruits

Freshly plucked fruits work as a magical entity for human body. Natural sugar in fruits contain healthy nutrients with beneficial effects. Some people despise fruits saying that ‘oh it’s full of sugar’. But that’s not true. Fruits includes water, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber same as vegetables. Both fruits and vegetables are plant foods. And generally plant foods have natural carbohydrates and also contain healthy starches. They are not the sweets we eat full of unhealthy sugar.

So never be afraid of eating a delicious fruit.

Smaranika M.

Fitness and entertainment.

Staying fit is necessary for our day to day unbalanced modern lives. People in a large number are being inspired through so many ways to get themselves into good shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. So these days fitness has become a vital part of modern life. And it’s also very necessary to add some entertainment in a fitness routine so that ‘staying fit’ will not seem as a extra-burdern adding to your life.

The reason why I used the term ‘fit-tainment’ is to make a fitness routine seem a bit lighter other than making it feel burdensome. Because when we hear something related to health and fitness we suddenly become very cautious. It causes us a great worry for a moment or a week for our health and then we come back to our original forms. No physical activities at all.

First of all someone must not feel pressurised to lose his/her weight hastily while being in a fitness routine. You can relax and breath for yourself. I say the same thing to my clients those are taking weight loss program. And surprisingly they are rapidly losing their weight by doing some simple workouts and also quite happy with their respective lives.

There are so many entertaining ways to lose weight that will help someone maintain a good body and stay healthy if in case you are unable to go to gym because of time restraint or any other reasons. Instead of sticking to stereotype fitness workout sessions, you can try something interesting which is different than the usual excercises like walking, jogging, cardio, strength training etc.

1 – Play any sport in the morning. ( Badminton, football, basketball or any game according to your preferances.) Needles to say playing any sport in the morning is the perfect time to boost your overall health.

2- Dance to music. ( You don’t need to be a professional. It is ok if you know how to dance and practice it happily. Dancing happily for an hour will serve you unexpected result. One can see the result only after a week. Again morning is the best time for this dance workout.)

Hope this blog helps you guys.

Smaranika. M

21st century health.

Have you ever thought to make an analysis between how our parents lives used to be during their middle or old era and how our lives are in today’s modern era. It’s almost very hard to compare as the people in middle/old era always were succumbed to a very natural, active, refreshing and a healthy lifestyle and youths of 21st century are highly misleading their lives by resorting to the slogan- ” party hard”. Our minds have been made to believe in that as if there is no life after party.

A recent study shows that youths at young age are facing more physical adversities than that of the people at their old age. For all this, a stereotype mindset that is succumbed to higher expectations from life is to be blamed for what the youths of today’s generation are fighting off.

According to WHO reports, chronic diseases are projected to account for 53% of all deaths and over next ten years; meaning over 60 million people will die of chronic diseases. It further stated that 40 million of the 56 million global deaths in 2015 were due to non-communicable diseases, which include heart diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetics.

Another reason is that today’s generation strives on competition. And that competitive mindset may be to blame for high levels of stress and depression, gross anxiety, excessive emotions or even sudden thoughts of suicides are experiencing among the youths a lot more than previous generations.

Last but not the least, another reason that is highly impacting today’s generation is – Unhealthy work-life balance. Working life in haphazard condition causes several diseases especially the chronic diseases affecting life to a great extent being deprived of sleep, unhealthy diet, zero physical activity, SNS addiction, pressures from workplace, overworking, tending to eat snacks, junk good, overdrinking etc.

Control Your Life.

Don’t even take a chance when it comes to your health. It is this life where you are staying in. Being in control is really very important for today’s era. And if you continuously resort to ignore your health or delay in taking care your body, it may be very difficult to be back in status quo. Gradually try to change your lifestyle and stick to it forever.

A little bit of focus on health will make you a boss of your own life.

Smaranika M.

A healthy life depends on a healthy lifestyle.

These things are mainly responsible for how healthy your life is.

1- Eating time and habits

2- sleeping time

3-phisical activities

4-Dos and don’ts of overall health.

If you are regularly watching your health then no one can better define that what you need to change out of your habbits in a day to day lifestyle.

Maintaining a good lifestyle neither require a huge amount of bucks nor it takes any extra time to invest in it. All you need to do is – Moderation.

How would you do it?

1- Maintain a health diary as the most important part of your daily routined life.

2- Keep a record of your daily activities (related to lifestyle) from early morning to the bed.

3- Mention everything you did whole day.

4- Include food(count calorie), fluids, physical activities (excercises and other activities).

5- Make sure to bring changes where it is needed.

These things will help to balance your lifestyle if it’s not on right track.

Smaranika Mohapatra.